You had to set three properties in build.xml file:

  • JBOSS_HOME : Installation directory of JBoss (can be env.JBOSS_HOME if JBOSS_HOME variable is set)
  • xmlfile : The absolute path of the xml file containing the mbeans and attributes to monitor
  • rep : The absolute path where to store generated reports
  • See the build.xml bundled with the release to see exactly how to configure this.

    Ant targets

    The ant file ship with the release allow the following operation:

  • run: collect data of from the mbean on the server.
  • graph: generate graph based on file generated by run. The graph is "live", it displays the last 10 minutes of data collected (10 minutes is default value, it may be configured in the descriptor of the monitored mbean).
  • graph-batch: simply the graph "staticly".